[Easy] Way to Repair Damaged SD Card 2020

AndroidAlexa.com – Want to know how to repair damaged sd card, corrupt and can’t be formatted? Please read the following article.

External memory or also commonly called an SD card (SD Card) is one device that is needed to store data. Although many gadgets are equipped with a large amount of internal memory, some mobile users still need a memory card (MicroSD) to back up or store important data.

As more and more frequent use, the memory card will be damaged, well for those of you who experience problems such as chaotic memory can not save files or corrupt. Here we present ways to overcome this problem.

How to Fix Corrupt SD Card

1. Clean the Memory Card

 Repair Damaged SD Card

This is the first technique or first aid on a memory card that is difficult to read on smartphones, either Android or iPhone.

This is the easiest way to clean memory cards that cannot be read

  • First, remove the memory card or SD card from the cellphone.
  • Then clean the copper plate with a white pencil eraser.
  • Next, rub the pencil eraser gently until the copper plate is clean.
  • When clean, reinsert the memory card in the phone’s memory slot.
  • Finally, double-check whether the memory has been read or not.

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2. Format the SD Card on Android


By formatting a memory card, it is expected that the capacity of the memory card will be clean like new again.

This is a way to fix SD cards that have errors or can’t save files

Enter the “Settings” menu then select “Storage“.
Select “Erase SD Card“.


3. Check Memory Card Error on PC

If you get an error memory card or an SD card that can’t even be formatted from an Android smartphone, you should try this search.

This is how to repair a damaged memory card without formatting

  • Provide a data cable or USB to connect Android to a laptop or PC.
  • Make sure your phone is connected in “Mass Storage Mode (MSC)” mode and not “Media Transfer Mode (MTP)“.
  • Next, open “Windows Explorer“, right-click on your memory card Drive.
  • Then select “Properties> Tools> Error Checking” and wait for the process to finish.
  • Then “Remove” your memory card, then put it back in the gadget.
  • Finally, check whether the memory card or SD card has been read or not.

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4. Format the SD Card on the PC

If your memory card has been read and looks good on a PC, but after you insert the memory card into your Android but can’t read it, do the following:

This is a way to fix SD cards or memory cards that always require formatting

  • Please first back up all data on the memory card on the PC hard drive.
  • Then format the memory card that is damaged, wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  • After that, restore all data contained on the PC to the formatted memory.
  • Then check again whether the memory is still failing to be read by Android or not.
  • If it still fails, you must replace the memory with a new one

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