Subway Surfers Havana MOD APK for Android Free Download

Run as fast as you can!

DODGE the approaching trains!

Help Jake, Tricky, and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

  • Ride trains with your cool crew!
  • HD graphics that are colorful and vibrant!
  • Surfing on a hoverboard!
  • Jetpack powered by paint!
  • Acrobatic swipes at lightning speed!
  • Challenge your friends and help them!

Take part in the most daring chase!

Featuring HD-optimized graphics for Universal Apps.

Written by Kiloo and Sybo.

Subway Surfers Havana

About Subway Surfers Havana APK

Running games aren’t one of the most futuristic creations, yet they still have the best interfaces, attracting many gamers. As I write this article, over 1 Billion gamers are actively playing games. It’s easy to say, the games are damn immersive and can make you feel the best, motivating you for your next meal. There are several Android games based on the running interface, but if we look at the Play Store’s page or just think about it, there is only one name that comes to mind – Subway Surfers.

The thing is, Subway Surfer is one of the oldest Android games that uses a running and casual gaming interface. The game consists of the most memorable and attractive tweaks that influenced the game and completed acquiring billions of players. You can download this game free of charge for Android and iOS smartphones from the appropriate app store.

Even if you want to unlock all the hidden premium features, you can download our creation, Subway Surfers Hack MOD APK. It’s the most powerful Android game that has completed millions of downloads. This version is preferred by most gamers despite the official one since it offers you unlimited benefits and numerous exceptional features. Enjoy Subway Surfers Hack MOD APK, and have an unforgettable time.

Subway Surfers Havana


A smooth and satisfying running game, Subway Surfers offers simple yet addictive gameplay. You play as an underground artist escaping from a security guard and his dog in the game. Continue to run through all the obstacles in front of you and collect valuable loot. Continue to run until you can no longer run. Gain access to new content by collecting coins. Switch between characters with different running styles. Stay away from the guard as long as you can and set your own records.

Subway Surfers Havana

Features of Subway Surfers Havana APK

You can play with different characters

Play the epic running game as you face different challenges. Collect resources and unlock new characters with different abilities. With a cast of dozens of different characters, players can explore subway suffering in different ways. You’ll always have new characters to play with since there are monthly updates.

You can collect various boosts during your race

In order to make the races more exciting and addictive, players are presented with various boosts that would assist them in gaining some advantages during the race. Aside from that, you can also collect a paint-powered jetpack that can launch your character straight into the air, fly at high speeds, and dodge all kinds of obstacles. Wear your jumping shoes and leap right off the ground. Or, grab a strong magnet and pull the coins toward you. As you run, you will find many buffs to collect.

Playing the game is simple and addictive

The controls in Subway Surfers are optimized for touchscreen devices, featuring simplified touch commands and gestures. Thus, you will quickly become accustomed to the gameplay. Once you’ve finished playing, you’ll find that it’s hard to stop getting addicted to the game.

You can customize your characters in different ways

You can also customize your characters according to your preferences. When trying on various accessories, from Chinese hats to motorcycle helmets, select the right headwear. Choose the right costumes that fit your style and board the subway.

Exploring different cities and unlocking unique content

There are many locations in Subway Surfer, allowing players to explore some of the world’s most famous cities. Players can visit Paris, London, Tokyo, Dubai, and many more. The game has many new features for you to try. You can also unlock new content to make the game even more fun for you.

Theme changes with every update

With different themes in each update, the game will introduce players to different kinds of gameplay. Obtain enough letters to form specific words by collecting specific letters while running in the subway. Obtain valuable prizes by completing the challenges.

Subway Surfers Havana

Download Subway Surfers Havana MOD APK

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