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A new vampire-themed host club opens nearby, and your college roommate immediately wants to check it out. Despite your hesitancy at first, you soon discover that you enjoy being waited on by the ‘unliving’ staff. However, things take a dark turn when you cut your finger and the hosts’ reactions are a bit too real…

A mysterious figure attacks you shortly after you leave the club, but the hosts from earlier save you. You are told you possess something called ‘Divine Blood’ and that they are part of a vampiric coven sworn to protect you.

Having Divine Blood on your back will surely make you a target. Luckily, you have these handsome hosts to keep you safe… but can they control their own cravings?

Twilight Host Club lets you indulge your darkest cravings!

Twilight Host Club MOD APK

Various characters

Ash — The Prince of Hosts

Ash, the top host at Blood Rose and coven leader, charms you immediately with his confidence and wicked looks… Until he drops his mask. It turns out he’s rude and bossy when he’s not working. While he devotes himself to protecting you, you can’t help but wonder why he pushes people away. Is it possible to break down his walls and find the tender vampire underneath… or will he give in to temptation first?

Finn — The Composed Guardian

Finn is the brains behind the host club, as good-looking as he is smart. Even though he’s a vampire of few words, he’ll risk everything to keep you safe… as long as he doesn’t take a bite out of you. His unwavering dedication makes you wonder what motivates him so much. Would you be able to uncover the mysteries behind this stoic man?

Brett — The Playful Younger Brother

Your childhood friend is also a lighthearted vampire. Although Brett is old enough to work at the club, he uses his baby face to charm all the clients, especially you. He’s always been there for you, but he has a few skeletons in his closet that he’s never aired. Is he willing to reveal the secrets of your childhood or will the truth be too painful?

Nils — The Mysterious Bad Boy

Nils, the second-most popular host at the club, has a vendetta against humans. Despite his allure, there is no doubt that he seeks your blood. What will you do to save humanity, or will you give in to his seductions and betray the club?

Twilight Host Club MOD APK

Download Twilight Host Club MOD APK

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