What is alexa rank and how to increase it?

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What is alexa rank and how to increase it?

If you are from the blogging field you must have known that what is Alexa rank and how does it work? if you are not from the blogging field, we will discuss this topic in this post.

Every blogger want to know that how can they improve Alexa ranking of their blog because this is an important factor that can attract visitors to the website. And along with it, visitor gets to know that you are  a professional blogger in the blogging field.

It will also help you to increase your blog traffic if you have a good Alexa rank even some bloggers may give your reference link in their blog list as well that means you will get good quality backlinks from related niche domains.

And also if you are a new blogger, you will get some information about Alexa rank and  how to increase it.


What is Alexa rank?

Alexa rank shows that how much your website is popular that other websites on the internet. this also shows the position in the comparison of other websites. Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. it ranks almost millions of websites on the basis of their popularity which means whoever’s website gets rank 1 is the most popular website in the world.

This rank also reveals that how a website performs in the comparison of others that makes it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis. This rank is calculated by using a proprietary methodology that combines websites estimated traffic and visitor engagement on the basis of past three months data.

Traffic and their engagement is estimated by looking browsing behavior of peoples of the global panel which is the sample for the rest of the users.

Because it measures your sites position in the comparison others sites relative therefore your site’s ranking does not just depend on the that websites traffic but also depends on the changes of other websites traffic.

That is why your site ranking starts reducing even after getting a good amount of traffic on your website.


The History of Alexa:-

Alexa was started in 1996, this is a California-based company. It is acquired by in 1999 which was then an expert in providing commercial web traffic that used to gather from different toolbars and with the help of web browser extensions.

Some of the most important previous activities of Alexa that had such database that used to serve as a basis  with which a way back machine could be made and then that search facilities had been closed.

Now Alexa ranking of them:-

This is a metric that makes rank websites in their popularity order or how that performed in the last 3 months.


Does it necessary to improve Alexa ranking?

The answer is yes,  this is important for any blog to improve its Alexa ranking. If you are a blogger, then it is most important to try to improve the Alexa ranking of your website.

Because it gives good authority, makes a good impression on the mind of advertiser and reader and it helps to increase your revenue along with that as well.

Most of the readers firstly check your Alexa ranking then if they think it is good, they would read and starts following your blog. Some of them comment for just backlinks and that will help you to improve your site’s ranking.


How to check Alexa Rank?

You can directly visit to check your website’s Alexa ranking. There you will seepage at the top of the right side, you will see a search bar.

There you will have to enter the website URL then click to find button. That will show all of the data of your website and with rankings as well.


6 myths of Alexa rankings that we believe:-

Who can stop the talkings of the people? They just need things about that they can make their own opinions. Even about Alexa traffic rank people has many misconceptions.

Many people believe that all myths are right. Alexa ranking was introduced for the first time in 1988. Then many misconceptions had been started.

1. Alexa just measure traffic of those who have installed Alexa toolbar in their browser:-

This not right, Alexa measurement is based on a  very large and diverse set of browser extensions and plug-ins. That Alexa toolbar is one of them that has Alexa data.

The sites that already have installed  Alexa certified code, Alexa directly measure traffic there from all visitors of their website even if they have installed browser extension or not.


Myth 2:-  Alexa only measures  internet marketers and site owners:-

That is related to the first myth which is not right. Alexa traffic panel is based on that thousand of people who use more than 25000 browser extensions that appeal to a wide audience.


Myth 3:-  It affects to the site if claiming my site is done:-

There is no effect on the ranking of the site by claiming the site and even you should not claim your site just because it creates an impact on your site.

Even claiming your site is a free service with which you can keep up to date your sites contact information and description by which you will never miss any potential business opportunity because more than 1 billion people visit Alexa.


Myth 4:- Rank improves if Alexa widget is installed:-

No, the Alexa rank widget only allows you to promote your site rank with the visitor. This widget is not used to measure the traffic of the website.


Myth 5:- If my site’s traffic increases for one day, my ranking will also be increased:-

This is not required. That global Alexa rank updates daily, but mostly depends on the visitors who come to your website for the last three months. In that situation, one day traffic is just a small part to determine that how will be the rank of the website. Your site ranking also depends on relative sites along with that. Therefore changes in other website traffic make an impact on your site as well.


Myth 6:- If we pay to Alexa, our ranking can be good:-

Obviously not, that is right that Alexa marketing stack can help you to discover such opportunities that can increase more traffic to your website that can provide you good ranking then.

Whereas if you install Alexa certify code, then Alexa can directly measure the traffic of your website not by estimating. Direct measurement can provide better and accurate ranking but the meaning of better means not a good rank.


How to improve Alexa rank?

Now I am going to tell you some best tips to Improve ranking of your website.


1. Increase the traffic of your website:-

This is a major factor to improve the ranking of your website Because Alexa provides rank to your website according to your blog traffic. If you get more and more traffic daily surely Alexa will increase your website ranking.


2. Average time on your website:-

This second most important step to increase the ranking of your website because Alexa checks that for how much time visitor stays on your website. Therefore make your website engaging so that more visitors will stay on your website.


Inbound link:-

This is a better way to make engaged users inside your site. In this, you have to use your second post URL to your post. Users will stay more on your site by using this.


Related post:-

You can use related post plugins. With this, the related post will be shown at last of your post. In this, the user can go to the second post from 1stit will increase the average time of your website.


3. Average Page view per visitor:-

If your average page view per visitor is good then it will help you to increase your Alexa ranking. Therefore try to increase the average page view per visitor by using the method which is given above.


4. Produce original content:-

It is very necessary to have original content on your website. If our content is original then our Alexa ranking will improve day by day. Therefore try to write your own content rather than copying from somewhere.


5. Insert Alexa widget in your site:-

This is a common logic if you put Alexa widget on your website, it will encourage visitors to click on it. whenever anyone will click on it, only you will get benefits from using the Alexa widget.


6. Creating quality backlink for your blog:-

Commenting on others’ blogs is very easy to work for getting backlinks for your website. Because you just have to comment on others’ blogs. When anyone clicks on your link or your profile pic he will be redirected to your blog or website.


7. Write a review article for Alexa:-

Alexa will help you to improve your ranking of website for writing a review article for Alexa because Alexa became a common keyword by nowadays that is searched most of the time on google.

Therefore if you write a unique article for Alexa in your blog your Alexa ranking may be increased.


Thank you for reading my article if you have any  question or suggestion comment below we will get back to you shortly with an answer.

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