xQc Banned From NoPixel GTA RP Server Once Again

xQc Banned From NoPixel GTA RP Server Once Again

April 19, 2021

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Description xQc Banned From NoPixel GTA RP Server Once Again

Popular Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel was once again banned from GTA RP’s NoPixel servers on April 18, making it his fourth ban from the same server.

His recent ban came less than a week since he returned from his third ban from NoPixel servers on April 12.


In his Twitch stream, the 25-year-old has explained multiple reasons behind his latest ban from the server. He has claimed that the reasons behind his ban include talking about other players’ bans when being arrested, dropping a gun when he’s already dead, and abusing vehicle scuff, which goes in violations against the server rules.

Lengyel’s ban from GTA RP’s NoPixel servers is set to last for 30 days, making it the longest ban he’s received so far. He further claims that he will not appeal the ban.

Chances are, even after his ban expires, he won’t be returning to the server anytime soon.

When talking about the four prohibitions, xQc hints that there may be a bias towards it. “I feel good because I stated that something was against me, so I’m happy about that,” said the Twitch star.

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