XHubs Apk For Android 2021

Xhubs Key Features

There are many download features of the xHubs App that make it very different from other apps in the same category. The most important is the security privacy settings.

Security Pattern Lock:

With the help of this feature, no one else can access the xHub app without your consent, as there is a feature that can be used to set up a security lock.

Various Videos:

Users can get access to unlimited variety of videos provided into the xHubs APK App from many other websites available in the market.

40+ Categories:

If you are a person who wants to view videos from different categories available then you will surely enjoy xHubs App as it has all the important categories which will surely bring you more fun.

Download videos:

If you want to access the video for future use then there is a direct option to download the video so you can enjoy it later.

Hide Apps:

One of the most important features is that you can hide the app from others by changing the app icon so that no one will know that you are using this app. Isn’t that interesting?

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